Subin Sebastian

Current Location — Bangalore - India - 560070
Phone — +91-9446475826

I’m computer engineer with primary focus in hardware software integration. I have worked in a number of domains, including mobile applications development, cloud systems design, small scale electronics projects, machine learning and image processing among others. As of today, I’m working on the research and the development of medical equipments for a leading organization in the industry. I learn new things on a regular basis, and I love solving complex engineering problems.


Bachelors Degree in Computer Science and Engineering.
Govt. Engineering College Munnar (Cochin University)
2007 September — 2011 April


Senior Software EngineerMedtronic: Bangalore
2017 March — 2022 March
I currently lead a sensor software development team at Medtronic India Development Center (MIDC) R&D group which develops the next generation of revolutionary medical equipments and minimally invasive therapies for emerging markets. My course of work here involves the following.

Senior Software EngineerShopalyst Technologies: Bangalore
2015 August — 2017 February
I have joined Shopalyst as a Senior Software Engineer mid 2015. I started working on the reference application for the core product of the company, a revolutionary REST API. Later on I have worked on different projects including an Android SDK, and a full-scale e-commerce application. I have been fortunate enough to work on research oriented tasks, with computer vision during my course of work in the company later. My experience here includes the following.

Software EngineerEmDesic Technology Solutions: Bangalore
2012 March — 2015 July
I have joined EmDesic as a contract developer in the early 2012. I have started developing Android applications for different projects from here on. I have built enterprise class mobile applications for clients in USA, Denmark and Australia, and later on moved on to more consumer class applications. I have had the opportunity to work on a wide gamut of technologies within EmDesic. On the software side this includes Qt, OpenCV, various REST libraries, SaaS services like, PubNub, Transloadit, and AWS managed services. On the hardware and on the embedded side, I have had the opportunity to learn LabView, ECAD tools like Eagle, KiCAD and NI Multisim, and general purpose CAD tool SketchUp.

Security EngineerPaladion Networks: Bangalore
2011 July — 2011 October
I have joined Paladion after being selected through their campus recruitment process in 2011. I was put into an intensive training program along with my batchmates, and was subsequently selected into the code review team for an important account. I have moved out into a more programming oriented position later. My profile in the company included the following.


Programming Languages — C/C++, Java, Matlab, Shell Scripting etc.

Software Expertise (and Frameworks) — QP, Qt, Image Processing Toolkit, OpenCV, Android, HW/SW Integration, Agile, Git, Micro-controller programming, RF Communication, Serial (UART, USB, CAN etc), Embedded Linux.

Cloud Expertise — Following AWS Managed Service EC2, EB, S3, Lambda and CloudFront. Parse open source server.

Electronics Skills — Basic circuit designing, Knowledge of electronics components, IoT/Home automation experience, Signals and Systems.


Medtronic Townhall Award

Dec 2018 — Medtronic RCS Group
I have received the town-hall award for my team-leading activities for the development of pH-Ammonia sensor, which is akey component of one of the key upcoming products from RCS. My work was nominated by three, in a first for thisaward.

Medtronic Annual Excellence Award
October 2017 - MIDC
Became the first employee of Medtronic India to receive the annual excellence award in less one year of employment with the company. I received the award from division lead, based on my contributions in the development of one of the upcoming product from the company.

Won the second place
May 2014 — 48 hours Angelhack
In the 48 hour Angelhack Kochi hackathon conducted by Startup Village (Kerala) and PubNub, I myself programmed a game tournament system called tourniee. The idea was to create a home for mobile gamers. Source code available here.

Won the second place
January 2014 — Mobile App Idea Contest
The contest was conducted by Kerala Government Tourism Department. The idea was to apply machine learning on cumulative data produced by travellers, such that potential travellers can create an efficient trip plan using the software tool envisioned.


Electronics — I do hands-on experiments in electronics. I have a small electronics lab at my home. I do small projects when I have free time. All such projects are discussed in my blog posts on this website. I have the following equipments in the lab.

Sports — I recently started tracking my daily physical workouts using the Strava Mobile Application. These activities does include my weight trainings and boxing classes. Boxing is one of my favourite workout activity. Find my activities here.

CAD — For my personal needs I use Sketchup to design models and previews. I share some of the models I have created on the 3D warehouse project, so that others can download and use them in their designs. All of these content are open source and you may use them as you like. You can find the sketches here.


I’m not active on social networks in gerneral. I spend a little bit of time on 9GAG and sparingly on LinkedIn. These are the two places where I post any sort of content. All my internet profiles are listed below.